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I am a restless Person by nature, very curious about many things. I read constantly and have many interests.
My Education in Art, a lifelong endeavor.  I feel that I learn differently from others,  so have
followed my intuition as far as educating myself is concerned. My family encouraged me as an individual,
to develop as I would and I followed my heart, doing what I loved.  Each piece of information, informs the next piece.
I have studied  many varied Mediums and Techniques. An Equally Varied number of talented Artists, on their own  journeys , have shared their knowledge and inspiration with me.  I am grateful for their generosity.  I hope to inspire my students with the same spirit, an ongoing search for knowledge and experience. And that they will in turn share with others.
My Current work in Clay is figurative, leaning toward abstraction. I incorporate some found objects and metals into
my pieces as I find this adds  dimension and meaning to my work. The inclusion of mixed media, opens the door to new ideas and techniques applied to a clay surface, like encaustic and alternative firings.  I have begun to work  with wood firing and porcelain, along with other high fire processes, like salt and soda. I enjoy meaningful complexity and see my work going in that direction.
My Current work in Painting has yet to settle into any one form, still experimenting with mediums, but leaning towards the abstract. I have been working in Encaustic and Acrylic mediums for the speed of the process,  which helps keep me moving forward to  the next level. We shall see!
Ultimately I see a combining of all mediums to create large installation pieces.

Born in Norristown , Pa. Family moved to Mexico City when 5, living there until Demme was was almost 12.  Moved back to USA, to New Jersey, just outside of New York City. Art and sewing in high school. Worked in a Fabric Store, teaching kids and selling. Upon graduating, attended Peters Valley Craft School, Layton, N.J.
Lived there for almost 1 year, trying out varied mediums, fiber, ceramic, wood. and learning from various craft artists.
Dad died when 19. Worked for a couple of years to afford trips to Europe and California.  Returned to New Jersey to attend Ridgewood School of Art, In Ridgewood, N.J.
Contacts from Peters Valley helped Demme  show FIber work at galleries in NYC and other Galleries across US. Taught Private Classes in Creative Crochet and Off the Loom Techniques.
Travelled to Central America, to work on a Commission.  Returned to move to New Hampshire with Mom and SIster.  Helped Mom renovate 200 year old house, then moved to Boston, after a well received FIber Art show on Newbury St, at Sans Regret Gallery.
Lived and worked in Boston Area, showing work at ACC Show in Rheinbeck, N.Y., The Works Gallery, Philadelphia, Pa and A Show of Hands in Willamette, Illinois, The Baroque Show in American Crafts MUseum , NYC.
Moved to New York City to work as assistant Editor for Good Housekeeping Magazine, Craft Department, under Cecelia K Toth.
Branched out to other Knitwear Magazines, designing for Voque Knitting and Needlecraft Magazine, free lance design for yarn manufacturers and design houses. Worked  as designer for various Manufacturers in US and Hong Kong. 
Travelled to Japan and Europe for work and inspiration.
Started Painting, sharing Studio space with friend Karen Lukas, personal imagery in oil on paper, canvas and wood panels.
Moved to Upstate New York to paint and get out of New York CIty. Returned to job as head designer for Hong Kong Manufacturer.
Married and moved to Pennsylvania, to have  daughter Lucy. Worked as Adjunct Professor at Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (Now Philadelphia University)
Took up Clay Work. Began teaching at Whitemarsh Art Center, decorative painting , watercolor, doll making, majolica painting on clay. Showed Raku and Fabric Art Dolls at  ACC in Baltimore and other Figurative Shows in US.
Moved to house with studio space to work in clay and fabric.
Studied with various Raku Artists, Shari SIkora, Emily Paulmier, Brett Thomas, Bob Green, Ramon Camarillo.  Other Clay Artists- Lisa Claque, Nell Hazinski, Jeanie SIlver, Jennifer Martin, Lisa Naples, Kimberly Shelton, Jack Troy, Bob Deane, Ryan Greenheck, Kevin Snipes and Laura Jean MacLaughlin,
Became at Member of Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, juried in as a Master Craftsperson in Ceramics with Raku Work. Showed in many of the Pa Guild shows, Wilmington and Lancaster, Haverford and Bucks.
Began teaching Raku at Mainline Art Center, then Community Arts Center in Media, and Wayne Art Center, Wayne, Pa.
Became a Member of The Potters Guild, Wallingford, Pa. Showing in two shows a year. Work is included in Faculty shows, Guild Shows and others.
Currently teaching Raku, Advanced Hand Building, Alternative Firings, Concrete Sculpture and Encaustic Painting at Community Arts Center, Wallingford, Pa, Cheltenham Center for the Arts , Cheltenham, Pa and Wayne Art Center, Wayne, Pa.  Also teaches  Privately  at studio.
Working with Nancy Markezin's Abstract Studio Group  at Community Arts Center, showing my paintings in group shows with  fellow Abstract Studio Members.