Laura Demme Ceramic Artist

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MASKS: I make many masks and heads, which is an entertaining process. Slabs are draped over a face blank, sculpted and textured. I use artist made texture tools and let the shape of the slab inform me as to the final outcome. The clay inspires me in many ways, things happen. I am influenced by African art, Japanese art, textiles, everday experiences, and people around me.
HEADS: I use slab construction, which informs the way I sculpt the heads, giving them a flattish face, I love red lips, which I think was influenced by watching my mother put on red lipstick. She had a wide mouth and my heads seem to come out that way also. I am developing various ways to use heads, as cookie jars, bird houses and other ideas. I have just started a series using found objects. I'll keep you posted!

Please click on thumbnails below to see larger image. (Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.)

!Grrrrrr! Mask Bird Man Mask Egyptian Headress Mask Elemental Power Mask Garden Bug Mask Japanes Lady Mask Love of Blue Mask Obvara Mask Pierrot Mask Power of Dreams Mask Spriral Thinking Mask The Wave Mask Tree Thoughts Mask Wind Spirit Mask Wine Devil DIva Wonder Woman Mask Arborreal Vision Mask An American Goth Boy
Raku fired ceramic
15x14x7 An American Goth Girl
Raku fired ceramic, ribbon
14.5x13x8 Bouffant Hair Head
Raku fired ceramic
14x9x9 Green Head
Raku fired ceramic
10x8x9 Head With Scraffitto
Raku fired ceramic
12x10x8 Homage to Gauguin
Raku fired ceramic
15x8x8 Boy With Red Hat Cookie Jar
Raku fired ceramic, found object
14x8x8 Punkster Head
Raku fired ceramic
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