Laura Demme Ceramic Artist

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My Poetry Boxes are an ongoing series, using found objects, ceramic, glass, paint, collage material, encaustic, plant materials and ceramic objects that I make. As part of the process in collecting the materials and arranging them , my mind finds words which I turn into prose or poetry and I include these bits of writing somewhere in the piece , either visually or attached to the back. I enjoy the process of collecting the materials as much as I enjoy making them.

Please click on thumbnails below to see larger image. (Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.)

Two Selves Poetry Box
Found objects, ceramic, encaustic, wire, collage material
 12x8 Butter Dish Angel Poetry Box
Found objects, glass, shells, paint, beads, epoxy
 10x4 Looking In Looking Out
Found Objects, ceramic, shells, stones, flower pods, paint, epoxy, collage material
18x17 Broken Flower Poetry Box
Found Objects, paper, ceramic, fabric, wire, encaustic, collage materials
12x8 What we come From Poetry Box Rainforest Poetry Box
Found objects, encaustic, wire, collage materials
9x8 Vessel Poetry Box
Found Object, ceramic, paper, paint, epoxy
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